Pinolith Gemstone and & Sterling Silver Ring

Pinolith Gemstone and & Sterling Silver Ring

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This is a fabulously simple and elegant ring with a sterling Silver band and featuring a beautiful polished round Pinolith gemstone set in a sterling Silver setting. You'll adore this semi precious stone with shades of Grey, Black and White. A perfect gift for someone who loves something a little different.

Why Pinololith? 

First discovered in 1873, this stone is very rare found in a small number of deposits in Austria and northeastern Spain. Pinolith is believed to be a gemstone of optimism and balance, providing a soothing, calming effect, improving self-esteem while establishing equilibrium between emotions and intellect. This comforting stone is thought to promote imagination and creativity by banishing negativity and encouraging clarity of mind for positive visualization.  

Product Details

  • Stone: 20mm
  • Weight: 5.3g
  • Composition: Pinolith gemstone and 925 Sterling Silver
  • As with all silver gemstone jewellery, avoid all chemicals and cleaning products